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This makes drinking water fun

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With temperatures around 30°, it's no wonder that my fluid intake is above average!

But how do I motivate myself to drink enough water even at lower temperatures?

Drinking bottle PressaBottle | To make drinking water fun

The three Hambly brothers from Canada asked themselves this question a few years ago. Their answer was to develop a unique bottle: The Pressbottle !

What makes this bottle so different?

It is the integrated fruit press . The rotating mechanism moves a plate downwards and presses out the pieces of fruit . This results in a delicious drink that not only tastes like water, but also like fruit .

Many fruits are suitable for this, especially citrus fruits - lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits. But berries and even watermelon pieces can also add fruit to the water in the press bottle.

I fill the sieve with the fruit or pieces of fruit , perhaps place a sprig of peppermint, lavender or even rosemary outside the sieve, pour in water up to the mark, put the lid on and carefully close the bottle. Now I turn the rotating mechanism on the lid, which pushes the plate down and squeezes out my fruit . You see! My “pressed water” is ready!

We are thrilled with this brilliantly simple and simply brilliant drinking bottle !

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