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Der letzte Schrei!
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The last scream!

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May 09, 2019 - Article in the Tages Anzeiger Zurich

"My bottle and me"

Of theTages Anzeiger reports about the trend of drinking bottles.

Among other things, "the latest craze " of drinking bottles with integrated fruit press,so-called infuser bottles reported.

Stop! there are worldwideonly one water bottle with integrated fruit press!And no, it isnoInfuser bottle.

The Pressa Bottle


With infuser bottles, fruit can be "bathed in water" in the sieve used

If you have oneInfuser bottle usedTo add flavor to your water, you have probably noticed that there is little tasteHas! The reason is that fruitsnot their aroma automatically submitif you put them in the water.

In order to give the drinking water a real, delicious and natural taste, thePressa Bottle created: She squeezes the fruit with her juicedirectly in any drink.

A unique integrated press Slowly squeezes out your favorite fruit, from which the delicious juice then goes straight into the drink. The end result is a wonderful, distinctive creation that we like "pressed water"call.

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