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Die Pressa Bottle in der Eventküche LOEB in Bern
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The Pressa Bottle in the event kitchen LOEB in Bern

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Our unique Pressa Bottle was successfully presented yesterday in the traditional LOEB department store in Bern.

Debora Gwerder in the picture above and her Pressedwater team spoiled the customers with a blind tasting combined with a competition.b.

Many creative and fruity recipes were tried out in the event kitchen and given to the interested public to taste.

The fresh organic fruits from LOEB pressed in the press bottle were a feast for the palate. We were allowed to do a lot of "mhhh, fine!" accept.

With the event we have many new ones Pressabottle fans won!

The LOEB 100-franc voucher was raffled off yesterday evening and found its new owner in 3006 Bern. Congratulations to the winner!

The incredibly beautiful ambience in the traditional Berner department store invites you to linger, taste, try out and shop.

A big thank you to the interested audience yesterday for participating. We would like to thank the LOEB team for the fantastic hospitality.



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