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Wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen gegen Plastikmüll!
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Reusable water bottles against plastic waste!

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What is the problem with plastic??

Plastic is a real wonder substance.

Food & Beverage hygienically fresh for a long time.

The problem with plastic packaging is the long dismantling phase of up to 450 years.

To date, over eight billion tons of plastic have been produced. A large part of it pollutes our environment as waste.

Less than ten percent are recycled worldwide and end up in our oceans.

We in Switzerland only manage 20 recycling shares..

That is why reusable drinking bottles are increasingly the accessories for modern-thinking people today!

You quench your thirst and signal your commitment to#Environmental Protection.

Disposable plastic bottles PET bottles are out.t.

Whether for sports, in the office, on the train or at home, you carry with a reusable drinking bottle in your luggage#sustainable to protect the environment.

Do you already have yours?#PressaBottle

#pressedwater is simply #fruchtastic#useful #multifunctional #high-quality

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