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How does your Pressa Bottle get spick and span?

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Natural products clean naturally and sparkling clean!

With the #environmentally friendly, #cool, # practical and # reusable #PressaBottle, you can easily quench your #durst#fruchtastisch.

Regular cleaning for healthy #Drinking pleasure but must be!

This works outeasy,effectively and also with natural# poison free Medium.

Forget about sponges, brushes or similar tools. Even the dishwasher doesn't clean properly. On the contrary, the rinsing tabs are often too aggressive and only make the Tritan and the closures brittle.

The germs like to make themselves comfortable in your bottle and over time there are crusty residues and a pungent smell.

The solution ..... ##VINEGAR!

You always have vinegar at home. The#antibacterial effect of vinegarkills Germinate anddissolves lime residues like a pro on.

No matter if you like the modelTritan orGlass with it cleanthe #result is #perfect.

Fill the Pressa Bottle approximatelya quarter with vinegar and pourwarm Water. Close the bottle. The mixtureshake vigorously and subsequentlyact for two to three hours to let.Then the bottle well rinse and let dry - finished!

It is important that youafter each use your Pressa Bottlewith fresh Clean water. Make the bottle half full and shake vigorously. Then simply rinse and rinse all parts. Let the Pressa Bottle dry unlocked. After a week of use, we recommend that you use the vinegar solution.

Let's twist & press ....

Your Pressa Bottle team





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