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Pressa Bottle: how it works


If someone asked you for lemon juice made of real lemons, you would not simply cut them into wedges and put them in the water, you would  squeeze them, right?

twist and press:

If you've used an infuser or detox bottle to add flavor to your water, you've probably noticed one disadvantage: It has little taste!

Fruits do not automatically release their flavor when left to soak in the water. The delicious juice remains trapped in the fruit unless you dip your hand in the water and squeeze it out. But who wants to do something like that!!

At least we don't!


The Pressa Bottle was created to give the drinking water a real, delicious and natural taste: It presses the fruit with its juice directly into any drink. A unique integrated press slowly squeezes out your favorite fruit, from which the delicious juice then goes straight into the drink. The end result is a wonderful, distinctive creation that we like to call "pressed water".

Don't waste time soaking fruit! Just twist & press natural flavor into your drink.


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